A SECOND LATER suggests the time of the missed opportunity, the break between the act and the contact. In the most common apprehension of the artistic disciplines’ domain, drawing and illustration (ignoring the primitivism of Art as a narrative of daily life and heroes perpetuation) appear to us, not rarely, as the before or parallel… Continue reading

Photography in Art

A year ago, we thought of photography as matter that we knew needed to be elevated. The characteristic restlessness of photographic practices matched with the audacity that invaded us when having the gallery shairart dst as a blank space. A continuous action between talent search and encounter returned got us back to the original exhibition’s… Continue reading

o/accidental T-E-R-R-I-T-O-R-I-E-S

The reader will consent me the linguistic derivation and the appropriation of a neofuturistic plastic tendency to use the word as image, in the poetic bridge with the political message of this exhibition, one more, at gallery shairart dst (Braga), which is intended as a starting point, not so much for judgments of art criticism,… Continue reading


In 2017 shairart renewed itself: its team, energy and strategy. We wanted to make cool collecting Contemporary Art and inspired by Walter Chrysler’s words: “Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it enhances your life”, we added the appeal: Be a collector. The fabulous space at Raio street was… Continue reading


The fable, in the true sense of the word, is what deserves to be said. For a long time, in Western society, everyday life could only have access to the discourse when crossed and transfigured by the fabulous; it had to be withdrawn out of itself by heroism, feat, adventures, providence, and grace, and eventually… Continue reading

Fernando Marques de Oliveira

There is in Fernando Marques de Oliveira’s work (n.1947) the architecture’s space observation’s duality, on urbanism and city forms with the delicacy of fine painting and firm forms. In 2017, after a withdrawal period from the art market, only interrupted by the exhibition at gallery Pedro Oliveira in 2012, the artist appears again in the… Continue reading

From the earth

Will be curious, to say the least, that “Zeus is divinity with vices and human virtues”. Obviously, we humans have to make an effort to tell a story or legend that respects our understanding. How would fit in our heads that Zeus, Hera and Europe could relate to each other as they relate to irrational… Continue reading

Tribute to Paula Rego

The movie “Paula Rego, Stories and Secrets“, by her son Nick Willing, is a fundamental document, not only for the understanding of the work of one of the greatest names in Contemporary Art, but above all as the example of what differentiates an Artist from one artist, that is, that distinguishes timelessness and legacy, from… Continue reading