TOP 10 Most Expensive Artworks of 2016

TOP 10 Most Expensive Artworks of 2016 Although 2016 has been devastating to most of the artistic contexts, with immeasurable loss of personalities, not everything that happened is bad news. Despite the slowdown in the art market during 2015, this year the online art market sector registers an increase of 24%, a favorable position also accompanied by the traditional auction houses. Discover… Continue reading

Famous artists with their cats

Famous artists with their cats How many times have you heard the question “are you a dog or a cat person?” Although, in fact, this information is not as revealing as we like to believe, it is certain that cats have been an unquestionable company preference for some of the most acclaimed artists. On the International Cat Day, we… Continue reading

Picasso: 23 Fun Facts

Picasso: 23 Fun Facts Pablo Picasso is one of the biggest names in the entire history of World Art. Painter, sculptor, ceramist, set designer, poet, playwright, with the defining feature of the Spanish artist being a constant search to overcoming and break traditions. Hailed as co-founder of Cubism, Picasso is one of the most experimental… Continue reading

Destination: Rio de Janeiro

Destination: Rio de Janeiro Today is the officially opening of Rio 2016 Olympics, where more than 500,000 tourists are expected. We understand that in 19 days of competition, with 42 different modalities, limited will be the time of your day not devoted to sports. But, if your destination for a break is Rio de Janeiro,  we suggest that… Continue reading

Henry Moore: 6 questions

Henry Moore: 6 questions Widely recognized for his semi abstract bronze sculptures, displayed in public places around the world, Henry Moore won the position of “father” of modern British sculpture. Influenced by Alassical and African art and by Surrealism, the Anglo-Irish artist explored yet different techniques and mediums. On the anniversary of the winner of International Prize… Continue reading

Picasso: 23 artworks in 23 collections

Picasso: 23 artworks in 23 collections 1. The State Hermitage Museum (São Petersburgo, Rússia) 2. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscovo, Rússia) 3. The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, EUA) 4. Philadelphia Museum of Art (Filadélfia, EUA) 5. MoMA The Museum of Modern Art (Nova Iorque, EUA) 6. Museu de Arte de São Paulo (São Paulo,… Continue reading

10 curiosities about Edward Hopper

10 curiosities about Edward Hopper Edward Hopper is known worldwide for his realistic paintings, although based on a very particular vision of contemporary loneliness. Discover 10 interesting facts about the American painter and watercolourist. 10. First paintings Edward Hopper’s first paintings were architectures and typically American urban landscapes, buildings, streets, almost empty squares, gas stations on isolated roads, recreated… Continue reading

The Periodic Table of Modern Art

Click here to see the image with zoom Impressionism A movement that emerged from nineteenth century France, inspired by the painting Impression: Sunrise (1872) by Claude Monet. The Impressionists rejected the artistic conventions of the time and were motivated by the influence of light and movement on the perception of a landscape. Adopting loose brushstrokes,… Continue reading