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'Je t'aime... moi non plus'
Curated by Rafaela Ganga
51 Artworks
O Bairro
Curated by Ana Pais Oliveira
26 Artworks
Travelling through the Symbolic
Curated by Rafaela Ganga
21 Artworks
Famous Artworks – Top 5
There are countless paintings that became famous and were seen as the masterpieces of their authors, but we made a selection of our top 5 preferences.
Top 5 Sales in art auctions 2015
2015 was a particularly challenging year for auction houses and art investors from around the world! Contemporary art is more capitalized than ever and it seems to be increasingly prospering.
The contemporary artwork of Matteo Negri
Born in Milan in 1982, Matteo Negri has been revolutionizing the conception and imaginary of the art world, thanks to his contemporary paintings and sculptures, finalised with hues that are used as an expressive instrument itselves.