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Featured artworks
More than 2.500 original artworks amog the categories of Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing & Illustration.
by César Azevedo in 2014
587.95 €
by Fernando Pinho in 2012
128.28 €
by Fernando Pinho in 2015
171.04 €
Recently sold artworks
Check out the latest sold artworks to art lovers from all over Europe.
Studio Talks with João Abreu
João Abreu is a particular intriguing artist due to the singularity of his work.
Arte Povera, not that poor
Let’s talk about Arte Povera, ‘Energy and Process’ exhibition at Tate Modern, Richard Serra and Pino Pascali.
African Art: buy it while you can!
Until today the concept of African Art was only about ivory masks and wooden sculptures. It was settled in the past: the artist were dead and remained anonymous. Luckily the occidental vision, twisted by years of false pragmatisms, has started to change.
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